Oceanspray Family Center

Oceanspray Family Center 

Since June of 1997

Helping Lincoln County Families


Campus Locations:  

    Newport Campus (Main Office) -

            1039 NW Nye Street, Newport, OR

    Toledo Campus -

            1420 SE Fircrest Way #24, Toledo, OR

    Salmon Run Apartments -

            7034 NE Echo Court, Newport, OR

    Agate Heights Apartments -

            150 NE 60th Street, Newport, OR

    Vandehaven-by-the-Bay Apartments -

            386 NE Grant Street, Waldport, OR

    Fisterra Gardens Apartments -

            101 Diversity Drive, Yachats, OR



Please do not send mail to campuses above contact us at:           

            P. O. Box 1062

Newport, OR 97365

541-265-5326 Extension 317






    Computer Literacy

    Free Internet Access

    After-School Youth Programs

    Summer Programs

         Middle-School Youth

         Elementary School Youth

    Free Summer Lunch Program

    High School

         Employment Work Site

    Employment Counseling


    Financial Fitness Counseling

    Homework Assistance


    Service Learning Projects

    Seniors Living Independently

    ESL Classes


    Community Information and






     State of Oregon Employment Dept.

     Oregon Coast Community College

     Community Services Consortium

       COG Senior & Disability Services

     Food Share

     Community Housing Services

     Housing Authority

          of Lincoln County

     Lincoln County School District 

          Food Service

     OSU Extention Service -

          4-H Programs & Nutrition

          Education & Gardening

     Youth Development Coalition of 

          Lincoln County


     And Other Local Businesses

SUMMER ROCK EDITORS R.O.C.K. Program "Poets" using new laptop computers made possible by grant from Siletz Charitable Contribution Fund Summer 2010

Innovative Concepts

for Families of Lincoln County

dedicates its mission, strategies and efforts to the following:


1.  To promote low-income residents with opportunities that prevent drug and substance abuse, domestic violence, and other harmful activities.


2.  To educate youth and families in areas of nutrition, academics, life-skills, and other related areas that are vital to successful youth and family stability emotionally, economically, and professionally.


3.  To seek community support, partnerships and collaborations that further the goals and outcomes of each project through leveraging resources, grant writing, and fundraising.


4.  To stablize families using research-based strategies and best practices, whether using a single program or a combined protocol that offers families a safe place to live, a creative and academically supported environment for learning and an opportunity to grow through home ownership, model tenancy, or professional development.


Adopted by the Board of Innovative Concepts for Families of Lincoln County

October 14, 2008.






1999 NAHRO

National Award of Merit

   Program Innovation -

    "Family LearningProgram"


2002 NAHRO

National Award of Merit

   Program Innovation -

     "Discovery - Building A Community"


2003 NAHRO

National Award of Merit

   Program Innovation -

     "Recreational Opportunities for 

      Coastal Kids - R.O.C.K."


2003 NAHRO

National Award of Merit

   Program Innovation -

     "Adventures in Comic Books"


2004 NAHRO 

National Award of Merit

  Program Innovation -

   "Oceanspray's Reading BuddyProgram"



    Program Innovation -

    "Oceanspray's Reading Buddy Program"


2010 NAHRO

National Award of Merit

   Program Innovation -

     "S.A.I.L. Strong Assets Improves Lives"


R.O.C.K. Learning to Sail


"A community is like a ship, everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm."

                                                                    Henrik Ibsen

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and become more YOU are a leader."

                                                                    John Quincy Adams

"Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

                                                                     Ralph Waldo Emerson

"(Children)...who face violence, hunger, substance abuse, unintended pregnancy, and despair cannot possible focus on academic excellence.  there is no curriculum brillant enough to compensate for a hungry stomach or a distracted mind."

                                                                     American Cancer Society